The Indian Ocean fleet in action

The aircraft carrier HMS Formidable, pictured later in the war.

The campaign in East Africa is often overlooked, and the Naval campaign that supported it probably even more so. A lack of photographic record leaves some of these dramatic events quite forgotten, despite their significance at the time. HMS Formidable was the sister ship to HMS Illustrious and would soon be replacing her in the Mediterranean.

On the morning of the 13th fourteen aircraft from H.M.S. Formidable attacked the harbour at Massawa. The attack was considerably hampered by fighter opposition. It is probable that one hit was made with a torpedo on a ship lying at a jetty in the Northern Harbour, where a submarine and a supply ship had been reported by reconnaissance, and one merchant ship was sunk outside, also by torpedo. A second merchant ship was also sunk either by torpedo or bomb. In the bombing attack on the main harbour one probable hit was made on a large destroyer. Two of our aircraft did not return one of which made a forced landing 20 miles from Massawa owing to engine trouble.

From the Naval Situation Report for the week.

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