Hitler ‘England will fall’

Hitler marching up to the cenotaph to lay a wreath.

On the 16th March 1941 Hitler attended the attended the annual memorial service for German war dead at the cenotaph in Berlin. His speech continued the anti British theme and hinted that he would soon be helping his Italian ally:

Behind us lies a Winter of work. What remained to be improved has been done. The German Army is now the strongest military instrument in our history. In the months of this Winter our allies bore the brunt of the whole power of the British attack, but from now on German forces again will resume their share of this load.

No power and no support coming from any part of the world can change the outcome of this battle in any respect. England will fall. The everlasting Providence will not give victory to him who, merely with the object of ruling through his gold, is willing to spill the blood of men.

Germany demanded nothing of England and France. All of the Reich’s denunciations, its disarmament and peace suggestions, were vain. International finance and plutocracy want to fight this war to the finish. So the end of this war will and must be its destruction. Then may Providence find a way to lead their people, from whom the chains will be struck, into a better order!

When England and France declared this war, England immediately began a fight against civil life. To the blockade of the World War, that war against women and children, it added this time air and fire war against peaceful villages and cities. In both of these modes of war England will be defeated. The air war that Churchill started will destroy not Germany but England itself. Just so, the blockade will not strike Germany but its inventor.

Hitler reviewing a troop march past during the ceremony.

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