Greeks successfully resist Italians

A stick of bombs falls on the port of Valona in Italian occupied Albania. RAF bombers were contributing to the Greek counter-attack against the Italians.

From the Military Situation report for the week:

During the past week the force of the Italian attack on Greece has been stemmed, and the Greeks have been able to advance along the whole front. The principal opposition to their advance has been from the air, and dive-bombing and machine-gunning has considerably retarded their progress.

The Greeks hold the heights immediately to the East of Koritsa, and are shelling the town with mountain artillery. In the Pindus sector they have crossed the frontier in several places. In general, the mopping up of enemy stragglers appears to have been considerable, and a quantity of material has been captured, including 35 anti-tank guns with ammunition, and 20 mountain guns.

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