One night in the London Blitz

In London the Metropolitan Police went to great lengths to capture at least a summary of the damage done in each raid. The archive records for each Divisional police area, approximately equivalent to a London borough, contain page after page of records, with one or two pages for each day.

The records for Plaistow for the 19th March 1941 are somewhat longer than usual, as this raid was the largest on London since the 29th December 1940, but is representative of the type of detail recorded. There is one unusual ‘feature’ – the death of Police Sergeant Murray, killed by blast in the Barking Road, on his way to an incident at the height of the raid.

The report from one east London Police Division for one night of the blitz, detailing the damage road by road.

The second page of the report, featuring a brief report of the death of a police sergeant whilst attending an incident.

The final page of the report, which must have taken some time to compile, reviewed by the Chief Inspector on 2nd April.

See TNA MEPO 8/108.

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