Sergeant Leakey wins the Victoria Cross

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Editor April 18, 2018 at 2:17 pm


Thank you very much for adding your long comment. It is good to know that some aspects of the British involvement in Abyssinia are still remembered positively by the citizens of Ethiopia today.

Massresha Erago April 16, 2018 at 10:36 pm


Based on firsthand historical information from the then battled participants and heroes of Alaba Nation in Alaba Kulito around May 1941, in World War II, One of the Great Britain Regiment which was the 22nd (East African) Brigade forces and Ethiopian Patriots aligned at Aalaba Kolito, Great Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), and the Alaba people together with Great Britain Regiment 22nd Brigade forces had made a bridgehead against the strong Italian opposition. The specific area was in the back of Kulito city of South-West location, nears to Bilate River at the right and the left side of the oldest Bilate River bridge that was built by the Italians. There were strong fight between the Great Britain (together with Ethiopian) and Italian, the battled was with different modern handguns, local handguns, Scalpel Javelin light and medium tanks and other.

During the fight there were so many soldiers, heroes and patriots form Ethiopian, Alaba people and Great Britain armies had been killed by Italian fanciest army and then so many the Italian fanciest army died and killed by the Britain army together with Ethiopian. At that specific area of the South-West of Kulito City and South-East of Kulito City at the top of the Bilatte River toward the Alaba City nears to Nureleahimed (old religious area) and the top of Italian old bridge (which was Broken down) there were two tombstone and tomb area those are Britain soldiers, Ethiopian Soldiers, Italian Soldiers and Ethiopian Religious leaders tomb including the Halaba people heroes.

Because I have been grown up there, I know the specific area, I have firsthand historical information, I have different memories of that place when I was kid and then adolescent, but I never ever thought about the tomb have been registered by Britain history and then one day it will have been recognized by concerned body. Now after a long period of time I saw some information about Britain Hero Sergeant Nigel Gray Leakey VC one of Great Britain hero who had been fought with Fascist Italia to support Ethiopian at Alaba Kulito city, and he had made a nice victory to Ethiopian as well as Great Britain with wrote Bolder history in Ethiopia, but Sergeant Nigel Gray Leakey VC couldn`t see that victory had been killed by Fascist Italian army at Alaba Kulito based on the written history of him, in the battle of Alaba kulito City;-

In the face of withering fire, Sergeant Leakey leaped on top of one of the tanks, wrenched open the turret and shot all the crew except the driver, whom he forced to drive the tank to cover. Along with three others, he tried to repeat this with another tank, but just as he opened the turret, he was killed. The confusion and loss of armor Leakey caused was critical to the Italian defeat in the battle. Captain David Hines witnessed the event through binoculars, as did other soldiers. Leakey has no known grave but he is commemorated on the East Africa Memorial, near Nairobi, Kenya.

Now Sergeant Nigel Gray Leakey VC is our hero! We will celebrated his death at Halaba City with Halaba people including the South Nation Nationality and People as well as all Ethiopian people. We would like to contribute to build museum Historical and Cultural Musiem in Halaba to memorize such likes of things.

Cmegone May 19, 2016 at 3:54 pm

What a guy! Made the ultimate sacrifice for his men. Sucks he died though.

Jennifer Upton February 27, 2015 at 5:05 pm

I would be interested to know what happened to the Black African CSM and the two Askaris.
I am very interested in the KAR, RAR and West African Infantry Regiments..

BTW the Leakey’s now have two VCs’ in the family:

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