The end of the Jews in Lithuania

Jews being rounded up in Vilnius - Wilna - under the escort of a Lithuanian policeman, earlier in 1941.

One of the most comprehensive of the Nazi written records of the Holocaust that survived was written on 1st December 1941, now known as the ‘Jager Report’. SS-Standartenfuhrer Jager completed a “final return” for his unit of the Einsatzgruppen, which had been operating in Lithuania. It is just a simple list – a list that reduces mass murder to a matter of accounting. Over six pages Jager gave the date, the location and separate numbers for the men, women and children killed that day, plus the total for the day.

Almost all of the victims were Jewish but Jager was precise in including the small numbers of Communists, Partisans and Prisoners of War that were also executed as a matter of course by his unit. He also included the killings by Lithuanian militia groups that had been encouraged by his unit, amongst them the particularly horrific Lietukis Garage massacre.

For Jager all of this could be reduced to a matter of statistics, as the final page of his report shows:

Total carried forward 99,804

12.9.41 City of Wilna 993 Jews, 1,670 Jewesses, 771 Jewish children 3,334
17.9.41 City of Wilna 337 Jews, 687 Jewesses, 247 Jewish children and 4 Lith. Comm. 1,271
20.9.41 Nemencing 128 Jews, 176 Jewesses, 99 Jewish children 403
22.9.41 Novo-Wilejka 468 Jews, 495 Jewesses, 196 Jewish children 1,159
24.9.41 Riess 512 Jews, 744 Jewesses, 511 Jewish children 1,767
25.9.41 Jahiuna 215 Jews, 229 Jewesses, 131 Jewish children 575
27.9.41 Eysisky 989 Jews, 1,636 Jewesses, 821 Jewish children 3,446
30.9.41 Trakai 366 Jews, 483 Jewesses, 597 Jewish children 1,446
4.10.41 City of Wilna 432 Jews, 1,115 Jewesses, 436 Jewish children 1,983
6.10.41 Semiliski 213 Jews, 359 Jewesses, 390 Jewish children 962
9.10.41 Svenciany 1,169 Jews, 1,840 Jewesses, 717 Jewish children 3,726
16.10.41 City of Wilna 382 Jews, 507 Jewesses, 257 Jewish children 1,146
21.10.41 City of Wilna 718 Jews, 1,063 Jewesses, 586 Jewish children 2,367
25.10.41 City of Wilna 1,776 Jewesses, 812 Jewish children 2,578
27.10.41 City of Wilna 946 Jews, 184 Jewesses, 73 Jewish children 1,203
30.10.41 City of Wilna 382 Jews, 789 Jewesses, 362 Jewish children 1,553
6.11.41 City of Wilna 340 Jews, 749 Jewesses, 252 Jewish children 1,341
19.11.41 City of Wilna 76 Jews, 77 Jewesses, 18 Jewish children 171
19.11.41 City of Wilna 6 POW’s, 8 Poles 14
20.11.41 City of Wilna 3 POW’s 3
25.11.41 City of Wilna 9 Jews, 46 Jewesses, 8 Jewish children, 1 Pole for possession of arms and other military equipment 64

EK 3 detachment in Minsk from 28.9-17.10.41:

Pleschnitza Bischolin Scak Bober Uzda 620 Jews, 1,285 Jewesses, 1,126 Jewish children and 19 Comm. 3,050

Prior to EK 3 taking over security police duties, Jews liquidated by pogroms and executions (including partisans) 4,000

Total 137,346

Today I can confirm that our objective, to solve the Jewish problem for Lithuania, has been achieved by EK 3. In Lithuania there are no more Jews, apart from Jewish workers and their families. . . .

The distance between from the assembly point to the graves was on average 4 to 5 Km. . . .

I consider the Jewish action more or less terminated as far as Einsatzkommando 3 is concerned.

Those working Jews and Jewesses still available are needed urgently and I can envisage that after the winter this workforce will be required even more urgently.

I am of the view that the sterilization program of the male worker Jews should be started immediately so that reproduction is prevented. If despite sterilization a Jewess becomes pregnant she will be liquidated. . . .

Jager SS-Standartenfuhrer

The original report and transcription can be found at the Holocaust Research Project.

Karl Jäger was a Colonel in command of an Einsatzgruppe when he reported on 1st December. After the war he adopted an assumed identity and was not apprehended until 1959. He committed suicide whilst awaiting trial.

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