RAF Middle Wallop bombed

A hangar at RAF Middle Wallop following one of the German raids

On the 14th August 609 Squadron was the target of a “sneak attack”, where small groups of German bombers were sent to a variety of targets around the country. At Middle Wallop one Ju 88 did a lot of damage. One of the pilots who narrowly escaped the bombing was Eugene ‘Red’ Tobin, a United States citizen, one of the ten American volunteers who flew with the RAF in the Battle of Britain:

My head was spinning, it felt as though I had a permanent ringing in my ears, I felt the blast go over me as I lay there flattened on the ground. I got up and my instinct was to run towards the hangar. It was carnage, I saw one overalled person with his foot and half a leg blown off, another had a great red patch on his chest with a load of mess hanging from it, another was rolling in agony with one of his arms missing.

See The Few: The American Knights of the Air Who Risked Everything to Save Britain in the Summer of 1940.

Damage inside the hangar

609 Squadron were divided between Middle Wallop airfield in Hampshire and the uncompleted Warmwell airfield some 50 miles away in Dorset. Both were targets for the Luftwaffe in the their newly intensified action against RAF bases and aircraft factories.

More damage at Middle Wallop airfield

For more pictures of 609 Squadron see Warmwell.

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