Operation Hurry reinforces Malta

HMS Argus, launched in 1918 as the first full length aircraft carrier. Slow and vulnerable she was mainly used to convey aircraft, before being retired in 1943.

The British force in the Western Mediterranean has been employed in covering the landing of Hurricane aircraft at Malta from H.M.S. Argus, which was carried out successfully on the 2nd August. On the previous day the ships were unsuccessfully attacked by enemy aircraft, one of which was shot down by Skuas and another hit by anti-aircraft fire.

Early on the 2nd August Cagliari aerodrome was successfully attacked by the Fleet Air Arm and 3 mines were laid in the entrance to the outer harbour. Heavy anti-aircraft fire was experienced and 2 of our aircraft were lost. One enemy seaplane was shot down.

TNA CAB/66/10/38

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