Saturday, August 11, 2012




HMS Eagle sunk as Pedestal comes under atttack

HMS Eagle in the Mediterranean in February 1942 during Operation Spotter. A Supermarine Spitfire flies off HMS EAGLE to reinforce the air defence of Malta. Fifteen Spitfires, flown by replacement pilots for the much depleted No. 249 Squadron RAF, reached the island successfully during this operation.

Taking a deep breath I blew up my inflatable lifebelt which was a permanent part of our dress when we were afloat. Remembering our survival lectures, I hurriedly kicked off my deck shoes, pushed myself away and before I could think I was upside down 20 feet under the water and frantically holding my breath whist I looked around for a lighter colour in my surroundings that would indicate the surface. The next few seconds seemed like a lifetime and as I broke through to the surface my throat and chest seemed to explode with relief.