Thursday, August 16, 2012




British POWs ‘entertained’ by the Germans

Stalag VIIIb (Lamsdorf) Prisoner Of War Camp. A watchtower with searchlight (one of six encircling the camp) photographed in summer. In the foreground, prisoners are sunbathing between lines of clothes and bedding hung out to air. The photograph also shows the dense forest which surrounded the camp.

The first film was a short extolling the virtues of the Hitler Youth Organisation. It showed a “troop” in camp in a rock climbing district; a slight story seemed to be woven into the film to give it interest but the effect of the rather good photography was spoiled by “wordiness” of the dialogue and the theatrical scenes of camp life showing much (too much) of the flag and the youths “devotion” to duty, leader and country. What the “big” picture was about only the Lord and the Germans know — it seemed to me to be one long chatter.