Thursday, April 11, 2013




No respite from the war on the Home Front

Sergeant Bill Davies, a colliery fireman from Gresford in North Wales, and the leader of a platoon of the colliery's Home Guard unit, bids goodbye to his wife as he leaves home to travel by bicycle to evening parade, 15 April 1943. Sgt Davies served in 13th Battalion the Royal Welch Fusiliers during the First World War

I suggested ‘The Cheshire Cheese` for lunch, not bombed. We poked our way up an alley. No lunches on Saturday. … But we found ‘Ye Old Cock Tavern’ in the Strand. … We had Fish and potatoes and Xmas pudding. Not much of anything, but we enjoyed ourselves. 3/- each. Walked through the devastated Temple. The most serious scene of ruin concentrated on one set of historical buildings, just appalling!