Thursday, April 25, 2013




The battle of the Warsaw Ghetto continues

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - Photo from Jürgen Stroop Report to Heinrich Himmler from May 1943. The original German caption reads: "Forcibly pulled out of dug-outs". One of the most famous pictures of World War II. People identified in the picture:
Identity of the boy in the front was not confirmed, but is possibly Artur Dab Siemiatek, Levi Zelinwarger (next to his mother, Chana Zelinwarger) or Tsvi Nussbaum.
Hanka Lamet - small girl on the left
Matylda Lamet Goldfinger - Hanka's mother next to her (second from the left)
Leo Kartuziński - teenaged boy in the background with white bag on his shoulder
Golda Stavarowski - in the background, first woman from the right, with one hand raised
Josef Blösche - SS man with gun, was executed in 1969

274 Jews were shot, and as on other days, uncounted Jews were buried alive in the blown-up bunkers and, as near as can be determined, burned. With today’s bounty of Jews, a very large portion of the bandits and lowest elements of the Ghetto has, in my opinion, been captured. Immediate liquidation was not carried out due to the onset of darkness.