Friday, May 9, 2014




The Black Market flourishes in Italy

Vesuvius erupts ! In its worst eruption in 72 years, brooding Mt. Vesuvius joins its efforts to the ravages of war as it again belched death and destruction on the towns and hamlets which crouch against its crusty flanks. These official U. S. Navy photographs indicate the extent of the havoc wreaked by the fiery lava spewed out from the volcano. Tossed heaven-ward by a primeval geyser, a giant canopy of smoke dominates the war-ravaged countryside for miles. Another view of the awesome pall that veiled the horizon of Naples. Shrouded in its own smoke, ancient Vesuvius slowly calmed its wrath, subsided until the next cosmic impetus stirs its testy might. 3 April 1944

For months now official sources have assured us that the equivalent of the cargo of one Allied ship in three unloaded in the Port of Naples is stolen.
The latest story going the rounds is that when a really big-scale coup is planned and it is necessary to clear the port to handle bulky goods, someone arranges for the air-raid sirens to sound and for the mobile smoke-screens to provide their fog, under the cover of which the shock-troops of the black market move in to do their work.