Monday, May 12, 2014




Single handed attack overcomes German position

The fame of the old Indian Cavalry Regiments is known throughout the world. They have always been splendid horsemen, and fine fighting soldiers. These regiments still exist bearing their famous names and traditions, but newly equipped for modern warfare they have become the Indian Armoured Corps. Formations of this Corps have fought with distinction in the campaigns in the Middle East, and the Far East, and are now engaged in fighting in Italy. An Indian Armoured Formation somewhere in the Middle East. Picture shows:- The fighting Indian soldier. A fine study of Naik Gulab Nhan, in full cry, charging towards the camera, with fixed bayonets. He comes from the village of Amer Jaipur State.

Volunteering at once and crawling forward through the wire to a flank, Sepoy Kamal Ram attacked the post single handed and shot the first machine-gunner; a second German tried to seize his weapon but Sepoy Kamal Ram killed him with the bayonet, and then shot a German officer who, appearing from the trench with his pistol, was about to fire.