The propaganda war goes on

' I feel so fresh - Spring is coming' - Allied propaganda leaflet used in 1942.

Propaganda Leaflets.

During March 1942 the number of leaflets released by the R.A.F. amounted to 19,268,725, which closely approaches the record established in March 1940. The leaflets were disseminated over Germany, France, Norway, Holland and Belgium.

One special leaflet explained to the French people why it had been necessary to bomb the Renault works, and contained excellent reproductions of air photographs showing the damage inflicted on the works. Over 2 million of these were distributed over Paris and the industrial areas of France.

From the Air Situation Report for the week ending 23rd April as reported to the British War Cabinet, see TNA CAB 66/24/6

The raid on the Renault works on the 3rd March , designed as a demonstration of the RAF’s growing bombing capability, had resulted in heavy casualties amongst French workers living close to the factory. There was a need for the British to explain themselves.

' The Renault factories worked for the German Army. The Renault factories were hit' - a British propaganda leaflet designed for the French audience, produced by the Political Warfare Executive and dropped by RAF bombers.

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