Berlin bombed

On Sunday 23rd March Britain held a National Day of Prayer at the request of the King. That night the war carried on as normal:

An evaluation photograph of the bombing of Berlin. The RAF were not yet capable of matching the levels of destruction being delivered by the Luftwaffe on Britain.

On the 23rd/24th, 127 bombers were despatched; the largest number employed on any one night during the week. Of these, forty-eight attacked Berlin, the target being the inland port near Putlitzstrasse Station. A number of heavy bombs were dropped, together with over 10,000 incendiaries.

Several fires were started and bursts were observed, but cloud and thick haze were encountered over the target, which, combined with the heavy A.A. fire and searchlight glare, made it difficult to estimate results accurately.

The industrialcentre at Kiel was also heavily and successfully attacked, eighteen tons of H.E. being dropped. Hanover was bombed by Blenheims and, in addition to some large fires, three terrific green explosions were seen by aircraft returning from Berlin. With the exception of one medium bomber, all our aircraft returned from these operations.

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