The battleship Bismarck is commissioned

The Bismarck starts sea trails following commissioning. The 50,000 tonne ship was the largest battleship ever built at this time.

Captain Lindemann addresses his crew during the commissioning ceremony
'Only iron can save us. Only blood can set us free.'

Soldiers of the Bismarck!

The thousand year history of our German nation and Reich were written with iron and blood.

Almost every generation had to reach for the sword to fight for the rights of the survival of the Reich and nation or to defend its existence and its freedom against its hostile surroundings. For us the call has come again to join in the great struggle for freedom and the survival of our nation and the existence of the Greater German Reich that was created by Adolf Hitler.

In the words of the ancient poets during the wars of liberation: “Only iron can save us. Only blood can set us free.”

Today, we are being endowed and entrusted with a new and awe-inspiring weapon made from steel and iron, our new ship.

Today, it will be brought to life by our young crew which is empowered to blend iron and blood into a powerful symphony of iron-willed devotion to duty and conviction, and with red-blooded vigor and fighting spirit the highest military goals shall be achieved.

Shipyard workers cheeer the hoisting of the ensign signalling the handover of the ship.

The Bismarck had a crew of 103 officers and 1,989 men

A close up view of the gun turrets - four of the eight 380mm guns.

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