The convoys get through

The Royal Navy was at full stretch escorting convoys in addition to all its other commitments.

The Battle of the Atlantic was causing Churchill more concern than any other issue but the week before Christmas proved to be a good one, somehow the U-boats which had caused such devastation only weeks before had been eluded.

During the week ending noon Wednesday, the 25th December, 785 ships, including 145 allied and 16 neutral, were convoyed, but no ships were reported lost. Two battleships, two aircraft carriers, three cruisers, ten armed merchant cruisers, 55 destroyers, 13 sloops and 29 corvettes were employed in escort duties.

Since the beginning of the war 207 ships including 23 allied and 16 neutral, have been lost out of 48,066, including 5,255 allied and 4,237 neutral, which have been convoyed, or one in 232.

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