Hitler ‘there will be war with the United States’

Part of the expansion of the U- Boat programme, U-203 being commissioned at Kiel in February 1941. This boat went on to sink 21 ship before being depth charged and sunk in April 1943.

Major Gerhard Engel, Hitlers Army Adjutant, was present at a meeting when Hitler gave his views on the position of the United States. The Lend Lease Act meant that material supplies for Britain to continue the war were now secure, provided they could be brought across the Atlantic. Everything was seen through the prism of Hitler’s hatred for the Jews. As America became ever more closely associated with the British war effort, particularly in the Battle of the Atlantic, he would become ever more vindictive to the Jews in Europe:

24 March 1941

The Lend-Lease Pact

[The Fuhrer] spoke at length and in ample terms about the Lend-Lease Pact with frequent tirades against the Americans, particularly Roosevelt. The Americans had finally let the cat out of the bag; if one wanted, one could see a justification for war in it. Without anything further he could let it lead to war. At the moment he did not want to talk about the matter.

Eventually there would be war with the USA. Roosevelt, and behind him Jewish high finance, wanted war and had to want war, for a German victory in Europe would bring with it enormous losses of capital for American Jews in Europe.

The unfortunate thing was that we had no aircraft capable of bombing American cities. He would very much like to bring the lesson home in this way to American Jews. This Lend-Lease legislation brought him additionally major problems.

He was in no doubt that success would only be hindered by a merciless war on sea traffic. In any case with regard to the U-boat war he would not make the same mistakes as had been made in World War I.

See At the Heart of the Reich: The Secret Diary of Hitler’s Army Adjutant

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