The Blitz on Britain continues

The above ground blast from parachute mines caused extensive damage, as here in Southampton.

The Blitz had not ended in Britain, even if there had been very little activity over London since 10th May:

Bombing throughout the week was on a minor scale except on the nights of the 21st/22nd and 25th/26th June, when slightly heavier bombing occurred at Southampton and the surrounding district. The feature of these two nights was the greater number of parachute mines dropped.

On other nights, slight bombing occurred over widely scattered places, amongst which were Merseyside, Gorleston near Yarmouth, Margate and in the London Region.

Damage. Southampton, 21st/22nd June.

In the Dock area there was serious damage to a shed and a leak was caused in King George V Dry Dock. At the Southern Railway’s Central Station the down-line platform was practically demolished and the main lines were blocked by debris. Normal traffic was resumed on the 23rd June. The damage to house property was heavy.

Elsewhere. At Gorleston damage received by the gas works has temporarily stopped supplies, and at Birkenhead the entrance to the Mersey tunnel was damaged. At other places only minor damage occurred.

Casualties. Casualties for the week ending 0600 hours, the 25th June, are estimated at 39 killed, 116 seriously injured. There were no casualties in London.

From the Home Security Situation report for the week see TNA CAB 66/17/19.

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