The Germans arrive in town

The invasion of Russia meant long marches for the majority of German soldiers.

Many of the images to be found in the Bundesarchiv have very sparse background information. Sometimes there are sequences of images which tell us something. Here we see German troops arrive in a small Russian town for the first time. We do not know what town, we do not know the exact date. We can have a pretty good idea of the fate of the Soviet officials who have been arrested, following the [permalink id=11987 text=”Commissar Order”].

Some soldiers provide cover as the main body of the patrol enters a small Russian town.
The initial search of the town is made cautiously.
German troops search houses for hiding places, as they occupy the town.
Some of the residents of the town are apparently welcoming.
Soviet officials are arrested and marched off, watched by the exhausted patrol.
The last image in the sequence shows the Soviet officials as prisoners under armed guard.

One thought on “The Germans arrive in town”

  1. topography, vegetation, friendly civs suggest a village in Lithuania. And I’m sure the Politruk and the apparatchik got exactly what they had meted out to so many others; during 1940-41 the communist puppet regime deported/killed c. 100,000 Lithuanians

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