Coastal Command in action against German shipping

A heavily armed German escort vessel photographed off the Dutch coast on 27th December 1940 during a torpedo attack by No. 22 Squadron, this attack was unsuccessful. A later attack by Squadron Leader Francis seriously damaged this ship but his Beaufort was shot down and all the crew lost.

Aircraft of Coastal Command flew 144 patrols involving 441 sorties (including 193 convoy escorts), in addition to the bombing operations already referred to. No fewer than six attacks were made on enemy merchant vessels on the 27th December; a Hudson bombed a ship of about 4,000 tons at anchor in Egersund Harbour and secured at least three direct hits; another ship in convoy North of Ameland was possibly hit, and near misses were reported on two merchant vessels off Dieppe and another off Fecamp.

From the weekly Air Situation report.

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