Bombing of Britain intensifies

The Scharnhorst in a United States identification manual:
On 21st June RAF Coastal Command planes spotted the Scharnhorst group off the Isle of Utsire, and around 15:00 six Swordfish torpedo planes attacked, but were easily repulsed by anti-aircraft fire. At 16:30 nine Beauforts attacked with armour-piercing bombs, but were also driven off by anti-aircraft fire and German fighters.

Extracts from the WEEKLY RESUME of the

NAVAL, MILITARY AND AIR SITUATION to 12 noon June 27th, 1940


General Review.
THE Armistice between France on the one hand and Germany and Italy on the other came into force at 0035 on the 25th June. In consequence, naval action has been concerned mainly with the evacuation of British refugees and Allied (Polish and Czech) troops from France and with taking such action as has been possible to prevent French warships falling into enemy hands. Shipping losses from submarine attack have increased. Enemy heavy ships have been operating from Trondheim.


Western Front. Germany.
65. The armistice between Germany and France was signed on the 22nd June, and came into force on the 25th June, when an armistice between Italy and France had also been signed. The redistribution of the numerous Italian divisions on the Franco-Italian frontier will probably be delayed until the attitude of the French colonial possessions in North Africa becomes definite. Up to the date of the armistice no major military activity had been reported, and, although the Italians referred more than once to operations on the Franco-Italian frontier, there is no eonfir ma tion that they were at any time heavily committed on this front.


General Review.
74. Bomber Command has been engaged in the reduction of the scale of air attack on this country. German attacks have continued, though not in great strength, and comparatively little major damage has been done. Our fighters have successfully operated over the French coasts. Coastal Command have continued their operations off the Norwegian and Dutch coasts and successfully attacked Scharnhorst. Our operations in the Middle East have continued and reports indicate that the Italian air effort in East Africa has virtually collapsed.

Great Britain.
75. There were extensive enemy raids over Great Britain on the nights of the 21st/22nd, 24th/25th, 25th/26th and 26th/27th June. On the first of these nights about 40 aircraft were engaged, coming from bases in France, Belgium and Holland. Bombs were dropped at points on the East Coast from Tyneside to Clacton and, while the enemy’s objectives may have been aerodromes and R.D.F. stations, little damage was done except to small houses, to transport facilities at Grimsby and to electric pylons near Ravenscar. The raiders appear to have dropped bombs from about 10,000 feet, and there was considerable haze at lower altitudes; our fighters made only one interception, which had no conclusive result.

See TNA :cab/66/9/7