Nazi film ‘The Eternal Jew’ is released

Nazi propaganda Poster for Eternal Jew

The Nazi anti semitic propaganda film 'The Eternal Jew' was released on November 28th 1940

The Nazi propaganda film “The Eternal Jew”, purporting to be a documentary, was given its public premiere on 28th November 1940. It was all part of the continuing process of desensitising the general population to the growing persecution of the Jews. The message was presented very crudely, as can be imagined from the poster. Notoriously the film juxtaposed footage of rats with scenes of Jewish life.

Although the violent, murderous anti-semitic attitude of the regime towards was readily evident in its actions in Poland, the process was less blatant in Germany and occupied western Europe. Here the Jews found their lives increasingly restricted by discriminatory measures but the full extent of the intended persecution was always kept obscure. The film marked yet another step along the way to the Holocaust.

We are the initiators of the fight against world Jewry, which now directs its hate, its brutal greed and destructive will toward us. We must win this battle for ourselves, for Europe, for the world.

A short extract with English subtitles, including Hitler ranting against the Jews, gives a sense of the Nazi message:

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