Italy invades Greece

Italian troops crossed the border from Albania into Greece at 6am after the ultimatum was served at 3am.

Italian-Greek Campaign.

An ultimatum was delivered by Italy to Greece at 0300 on the 28th October and expired at 0600. The Greeks refused the terms and invoked Great Britain’s assistance. Artillery duels lasted till 1800, and the Greeks, retired from several advanced posts to previously prepared positions. The Italian forces on the Greco-Albanian frontier comprise seven divisions, with a considerable amount of artillery and A.F.Vs.

Operations have begun slowly, and the principal Italian advance is directed from the south-western corner of Albania along the western coast of Greece. It is possible that this is intended initially as a diversion, and that an attack from the Koritsa area towards Fiorina and Salonika may develop later when certain Greek forces are engaged in the Epirus.

From the British military situation report for the week ending 31st October.

Contemporary newsreel:

Far away in India Colin Dunford-Wood was trying to transfer from the Army to the RAF, so that he could follow his passion for flying. On the 28th October he was sent for his medical. There is only one problem, which he mentions to his colleagues:

I mention my eyes and they all look grave. I am walking around the quad, looking at the pretty typists (it’s the Nizam of Hyderabad’s palace) when I see the M.O.’s room and Haig on his exam – I also see the eye test board, so I write it down, (it seems to be a gift – “never look a gift horse in the mouth” etc.), memorise it, and am passed as 6/6. How long it will last I don’t know. I reckon I will be pushed out after a few weeks, or even days, but it will be good fun whilst it lasts.

Perhaps not an unusual strategy but what is unusual is that you can follow the whole of Dunford Wood’s diary, and his progress from Army to Air Force and on to combat in Iraq, at A Story of War.

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