Bomber Command attacks German airfields

Amiens Airport being bombed by Bristol Blenheims of 82 Squadron, based at Watton, Norfolk, on 30 July 1940 – with bombs in mid air. The Germans were rapidly lengthening the concrete runway: the interpretation report estimated that 650 metres was serviceable and this was being extended to 1000 metres. The large number of bomb craters illustrate how difficult it was to put airfields out of operations – the RAF had previously attacked this airfield on 10th July. The interpretation report concluded that none of the hangars had been hit and the airfield was ‘fully serviceable’.
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While much attention naturally focuses on RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain, the work of Bomber Command should not be neglected. With the Germans now in possession of numerous airfields in northern France within easy range of Britain, they were kept busy trying to disrupt the Luftwaffe as far as practicable.