Hitler declares he will beat ‘the English’

von Kluge and Hitler

Adolf Hitler with Gunther von Kluge in 1940. Kluge was promoted Field Marshall following the successful French campaign but later became an ambivalent supporter of the German resistance. He committed suicide when implicated in the Stauffenberg plot in 1944.

Hitler was still on the crest of his popularity in Germany. Not only dedicated Nazis but many ordinary Germans saw him as a national hero. He had conquered the greater part of Europe, avenging the humiliation of the Versailles Treaty following the First World War. It had all been achieved with a speed that had confounded his critics. Any apparent threat from the east had been neutralised by the pact with Soviet Russia.

The only remaining obstacle to a new order in Europe was Great Britain, which remained stubbornly defiant. It was extremely inconvenient that her bombers were now attacking Germany but it was not a major threat. It seemed very likely that the U-Boats and the Luftwaffe would eventually bring Britain to the conference table.

Now Adolf Hitler made his annual speech to the Nazi Party on the 8th November 1940 in Munich. In November 1939 he had narrowly escaped being assassinated at the same event.

A year ago, as I mentioned earlier, Poland was eliminated. And thus we thwarted their plans a first time. I was able to refer to this great success on November 8, 1939. Today, one year later, I have further successes to report!

This, first and foremost, only he who himself served as a soldier in the Great War, can appreciate fully as he knows what it means not only to crush the entire West within a few weeks, but also to take possession of Norway up to the North Cape, from where a front is drawn today from Kirkenes down to the Spanish border.

All the hopes of the British warmongers were then torn asunder. For they had intended to wage war on the periphery, to cut off the German vital lines, and slowly strangle us. The reverse has come true! This continent is slowly mobilizing, in reflecting upon itself, against the enemy of the continent. Within a few months, Germany has given actual freedom to this continent. The British attempt to “Balkanize” Europe-and of this the British statesmen should take note-has been thwarted and has ended! England wanted to disorganize Europe. Germany and Italy will organize Europe.

Now in England they may declare that the war is going on, but I am completely indifferent to this. It will go on until we end it! And we will end it, of this they can be sure! And it will end in our victory! That you can believe!

I realize one thing. If I had stepped up as a prophet on January 1 of this year to explain to the English: by the spring of this year, we will have ruined your plan in Norway, and it will not be you in Norway, but Germany; in the summer of this same year you will no longer be in the Netherlands or come to the Netherlands, but we will have occupied it; in the same summer you will not have advanced through Belgium to the German borders, but we will be at yours; and if I had said: by this summer, there will be no more France; then, all would have said: “The man is insane.” And so I shall cease from making any further prophecies today.

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