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Overlord is my first ‘app’ – developed so that I could include as many images as possible in a history of the Allied campaign to invade Europe in 1944 – codename ‘Overlord’. The history of the planning that led up ‘D-Day’, from Eisenhower and Montgomery’s arrival back in England in January 1944 through to ‘D-Day’ itself, then the campaign in Normandy and on to the fall of Paris at the end of August 1944. All this is presented in a timeline that illustrates just how tight the timeframe for this incredible operation truly was. Pictures in the timeline link into the main body of images which are presented in a slideshow of over 700 contemporary photographs.

Because there are so many images I have also presented selected groups of them in several ‘Guided Tours’. These explore different aspects of the operation in more detail – an ‘Overview’, the events of ‘D-Day’ itself, a study of the Allied Bombing of France, and a guided tour of the building and operation of the Mulberry harbours.

Overlord is a pictorial history of the operation to launch ‘D-Day’ on 6th June 1944. Over 700 contemporary images from the American, British, Canadian and German archives illustrate the build up to the invasion of Normandy, the airborne and amphibious landings, and the subsequent battles.

Now available for the iPad –

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Mike Eastwood September 7, 2014 at 1:55 pm

Just bought your iPad app as a small thank you for the great website above!

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