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World War II Today links to numerous other websites – but the majority of links are to be found in the context of individual entries. If there is something you are interested in it is best to search for it by theme or look through the archives for the rough date on World War II Today.

There seems little point in replicating these links in a long boring list. Websites come and go at an alarming rate so there is also a significant maintenance issue in keeping a list of links up to date. I have lost count of the number ‘links’ sections on other websites which prove to be full of dead ends. So you won’t find that here.

Steven Schoenherr did a pretty comprehensive job of producing a World War II Links to Links page when he was Professor of History at the University of San Diego. He has now retired and the page has not been updated since 2006 but it remains a good place to start looking for stuff.

N.B. If you do find that a World War II Today link to another website is a dead end then you may well be able to recover it using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. You will need to copy the full site address – the address that your browser attempts to load – into this website’s search. If it once existed on the internet then there is a very good chance that a copy exists and can be retrieved!

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