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Personal sites about individual people who served in the war, diaries that are not directly following the war 70 years on …

Willy’s WWII Journal

Canadian troops wearing tin helmets and carrying Tommy guns., Britain 1942.

Canadian troops wearing tin helmets and carrying Tommy guns, somewhere in Britain 1942.

The complete diary of a Canadian soldier from 1941 through to the D Day beaches of 1944.

The World War II journal of William Henry Smith, a Private in the North Nova Scotia Highlanders. Willy’s journal relates a fascinating and compelling story that has all of the elements of a classic literary piece relating how the horrors of the war cause the rapid maturation of a boy from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – all told in simple, straightforward, evocative, first-person prose.

The postings are a word-for-word copy of his hand-written journal which covers the period from July 21, 1941 to July 7, 1944.

To Laurette

To laurette

The letters home of Canadian officer Edmond Blais to his wife Laurette were so frequent as to be almost a diary:

March 24, 1940

My Colonel tells me I am due to go to Scotland soon to represent the Canadian boys there. I am getting quite fed up of railroads rides, specially at night in the blooming blackout. By the way I never told you about London at night, you simply can’t see a darn thing. Everyone bumps into you and it is quite comical but lot of sore heads get quite insulted, and why. I had a studio picture taken in London and don’t like it so will take another soon when in town.

Yard Mine Sweeper 299

YMS 299 – ‘Yard’ – wooden built – for Mine Sweeping operations.

Anthony D Paul writes:

I’ve been slowly working on my grandfather’s Pacific War journal and documents on the above site. I have audio recordings, trinkets, photos, news clippings, official documents, maps, stories, and more from the Naval minesweepers of the campaign for Okinawa.

Its a great tribute site – plenty to explore at

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