German forces reach the lower Seine

Erwin Rommel commanded 7th Panzer Division during the invasion of France. They were frequently far in advance of the rest of the German Army and earnt the nickname the 'Ghost Division' because their exact location was often unknown.

The French Army put up a fierce resistance along the Seine and had some notable successes against the invading forces. Ultimately they had no answer to the German Blitzkrieg tactics which saw deep penetrating manoeuvres by the Panzers, which outflanked their defensive positions. Rommel was to lead his Division in a hundred kilometre drive forward in just two days. The Luftwaffe had by now almost complete air supremacy not just air superiority, giving them complete freedom to support the land forces.

On the 9th June the French Government learnt that German forces were just 50 miles from Paris. They prepared to join the mass exodus of the population themselves.

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