German newsreel footage of the attack on Shipping

From the transcript provided by Skoblinl:

UFA Tonwoche No. 492. February 7, 1940. The German Luftwaffe draws the noose around England ever tighter. In only the last 11 days almost 150,000 tons of shipping have been sunk, and our pilots have had a large share of this success. At an aerodrome near the coast. Bombers are made ready for missions against England. 30 degrees below zero and strong winds over the North Sea as the aircraft fly towards the English coastline. An English ship is targeted. Warning shots are fired over the bow. Now the bullets strike the steamer. This English steamer is raked with flak fire. England’s coastline has been reached. Even here English ships are not safe. Ship number 2 is dealt with. This ship will bring no more war material to England.The aircraft turns back for home. The flight has taken one hour. Enemy fire! A third English ship burns in the water. Thus strike German aircraft day after day.Neither storms nor ice cold weather hinder them in the battle against England.