German troops embark for the Norwegian invasion

Troops wait to board German ship admiral Hipper
German Invasion troops wait to board the Admiral Hipper, 6th April 1940

The German invasion of Norway, Operation Weserübung or ‘Weser’ was planned and led by General Falkenhurst. In February Hitler gave him a matter of hours to devise his initial plan in secret. Falkenhurst consulted a Baedeker tourist guidebook in his hotel room to develop his overall strategy, and his proposals were accepted by Hitler later that same day.

General Falkenhorst, planned and led the invasion of Norway

The German plan called for five different task groups to land simultaneously at different ports along the coast on the morning of the 9th April. The Admiral Hipper was part of Group 2 destined for Trondheim, she would be[permalink id=4152 text=” in action with the Royal Navy”] before she got there.

Overview of the early part of the invasion of Norway.
Overview of the early part of the invasion of Norway