Goebbels broadcasts his New Year message

Joseph Goebbels, Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda

This war involves the whole people. It is a war for our national existence. It has not yet seen its full extent on every front.

No one can doubt that the warmongering cliques in London and Paris want to stifle Germany, to destroy the German people. They grant that openly today. They reserve their sanctimonious phrases about defeating Hitlerism, but not the German people, only for the stupid. We know what they are doing from experience, and a child once burned is more cautious the second time. No one in Germany listens to them. They want to attack the Führer through Hitlerism, the Reich through Hitlerism, and the German people through the Reich. All the Führer’s attempts at peace bore no fruit with them.

We 90 million in the Reich stand in the way of their brutal plans for world domination. They hate our people because it is decent, brave, industrious, hardworking and intelligent. They hate our views, our social policies, and our accomplishments. They hate us as a Reich and as a community. They have forced us into a struggle for life and death. We will defend ourselves accordingly. All is clear between us and our enemies. All Germans know what we are doing, and the entire German people is filled with fanatical resolve. There is no comparison here to the World War. Germany today is economically, politically, militarily and spiritually ready to respond to the attack of the enemy.

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