Hitler demands further aggression

General von Bock records Hitlers impatience for an attack in the West:

The Fuhrer once again expressed to all the commanding generals of the Armed Forces ‘his unbending will’ to see the war through to total victory. Once again he justified the compelling necessity to attack soon with the need for greater security for the Ruhr Region, with the necessity for better air and U-boat bases, and finally with the necessity to defeat the enemy and thus assure a lengthy peace for Germany.

‘One cannot achieve victory by waiting!’
‘At last we are in the position we have longed for for sixty years, not to have to fight a war on two fronts,’ he said, ‘it would thus be a great mistake not to take advantage of this favourable moment, for no man can say how long it will last!”

see Generalfeldmarschall Fedor Von Bock: The War Diary 1939-1945 also available from amazon.com and amazon.ca.

Earlier in the war:

Later in the war: