Publishers or authors sometimes send me books related to World War II. If I think they will be of interest to readers I usually try to get permission to use a short extract from these books so that readers can judge for themselves.

I would stress that I am only interested in non fiction books relating to World War II.

My site is really about the personal experience of the war and relies heavily on autobiography and diaries to illustrate that. Books featured her will reflect that broad theme. I don’t really have the opportunity to provide a formal “review” to do many of these books justice. It is also very difficult to be judgemental about such books. Some memoirs and diaries read better than others and inevitably become more popular. But there is almost always some historical value, some extra insight into some aspect of the war, even if the author did not have a natural flair for writing. So I tend to adopt an all inclusive approach.

If you would like to send me a book for possible inclusion here please Contact Me for the address to send it to.

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