New fronts opened as Italy joins the War

German propaganda in France sought to blame the British for the war.

Extracts from the

Naval, Military and Air Resume for the week up to 13th June 1940

as reported to the War Cabinet:


General Review.
ITALY entered the war against us at midnight 10th-11th June. The evacuation of Narvik has been completed and the bulk of the forces have now reached the United Kingdom. H.M.S. Glorious and other units have been sunk. The German advance along the French coast made further evacuation of troops necessary. There has been increased U-boat activity, and magnetic mining by enemy aircraft.


Western Front.
28. The German offensive launched on the 5th June on the front from St. Valery to Laon has made steady progress in the face of determined opposition by numerically inferior Allied forces. Three German army groups appear to have been employed.

Italy and Italian Possessions.
35. Since the Italian declaration of war, there has been little information of any active military operations except for the three following minor incidents: (a) the demolition of the frontier bridge at Ventimiglia on the Franco-Italian frontier; (b) a minor encounter at Sidi Omar on the Egyptian-Libyan frontier, of which no details are known except that two Italians officers were captured; and (c) an attack on a French frontier post in the Sahara. There have also been unconfirmed reports of the possibility of certain Italian formations being employed under the German command on the Western Front.


General Review.
46. The air operations of both sides have been very largely confined to the support of land operations, and bombing has, consequently, been mainly on communications. The enemy continues to employ large quantities of aircraft for close support, and our medium bombers have also been used extensively, and with considerable effect, against targets in the battle area. Weather has, on the whole, been bad, and airfighting has been restricted. Attacks on Germany have, however, been continued. Two extensive raids were made on this country, though with little effect, and enemy mine-laying has been intensified. German warships have been attacked at Trondheim.

The entry of Italy into the war was marked by air attacks on Northern Italy (which were hampered by bad weather), by most successful Royal Air Force operations in the Middle East and by Italian attacks on Malta, Aden and Bizerta.

Earlier in the war:

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