A selection of some of the New Books about World War II published in 2017-
each book cover is a link to an exclusive excerpt
which I hope will give you a flavour of the book.

Also see below for links to some of the newly discovered photographs now published in the
Pen and Sword Images of War series.

We are not receiving provisions, fuel or ammunition, too many Ju 52s are being shot down. In the evening Corporal Markmann of the infantry company fell as the result of a mortar attack. The Russians broke through the regiment on the right over a length of 400 metres because the trench complement turned and took to their heels. The will to resist and leadership personalities are lacking.

The highly collectable Pen & Sword Images of War Series continues to unearth new and rarely published photographs of the war:

These are largely the work of dedicated connoisseurs of wartime photographs, people who have built up collections of material from different theatres, whose research and commentary on individual images greatly adds to their interest.

Himmler envisaged Auschwitz as the main hub of a huge semi-industrial complex. Here the transports would arrive and then selected Jews would be sent to work at one of the many sub-camps being built nearby. Then, when they were no longer required or deemed unfit for work, they could be transported the few miles back to the camp, and exterminated.