The Germans announce a Jewish ghetto in Warsaw

Warsaw had been devastated by the German assault in September.

What has today brought us? Nothing less than a Jewish ghetto! A ghetto in Jewish Warsaw! Who could have believed it? Proclamations have not yet been posted, but our fate is already known to us. The conqueror has decided to establish a Jewish ghetto, consisting of some ten streets which the 360,000 Jews of Warsaw will be permitted to occupy.

Besides the insult inherent in this decree, it will create a social catastrophe for the entire population of Warsaw, even for the non-Jews; and the livelihood and occupations of the Jews who will be evicted from their homes will be lost. Those who are dispossessed will lose their property and become unemployed. Where will this great mass of people go? This order strikes especially at the wealthy Jews, the rich professional intelligentsia whose Judaism has been only surplus baggage, and whose suffering as Jews makes no sense.

Tomorrow we shall know the details.

Chaim A. Kaplan was to keep one of the most detailed records of the holocaust as it unfolded in Warsaw.

See The Scroll of Agony: The Warsaw Diary of Chaim A. Kaplan Also available from and

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