RAF Bomber lands in Germany

Released on March 25th 1940, short Movietone News extract of the RAF crew that landed briefly in Germany and got away with it. Skoblin has many more contemporary Newsreel videos on YouTube.

More details courtesy ww2talk:

Acting F/Lt Tomlin was Mentioned in Despatches on 20th February 1940 and was awarded the DFC while carrying the same rank on 17th May 1940; the citation was joint one with a number of other members of Bomber Command. “These officers and NCO’s have made a large number of reconnaissance and bombing raids over enemy country and over enemy air and naval bases. One officer, compelled to land owing to shortage of petrol after a flight over Warsaw, found he was in Germany. Despite the smallness of the field and petrol shortage he managed to take off again and save both aircraft and crew. Another officer pressed home a low bombing attack on the German cruiser Admiral Soheer in Schillig Roads last Sepember. One of the NCO’s obtained a direct hit on a submarine in Heligoland Bight, Two others did valuable work in attacks on enemy submarines.” The reference to landing in Germany is to Tomlin. On 15/16th March 1940 Brian Tomlin was the pilot of Whitley N1387, on the return from Ops to Warsaw, Poland while flying in bad weather the crew believed they were over France and selected a large field where they made a good landing with the wheels down. The crew left the aircraft to find out where they were but soon realised they were in Germany and as German troops approached a quick take off was executed under rifle fire. They crossed the border and were able to find a French airfield and safety.

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