Hitler promotes Rommel to Field Marshal

1st October 1942: Hitler promotes Rommel to Field Marshal

Afterwards both went into the Chancellery gardens, where an impressive display of new weapons, including assault guns and a Tiger tank, was on show. Rommel requested them for the front as soon as possible, which Hitler promised to see to. I had the impression that he was beginning to deceive himself. He was underestimating the fighting strength of the Russians and also had the wrong idea about the British.




Hitler sacks his Chief of Staff Franz Halder

24th September 1942: Hitler sacks his Chief of Staff Franz Halder

After situation conference, farewell by the Fuehrer: My nerves are worn out, also his nerves are no longer fresh. We must part. “Necessity for educating the General Staffs in fanatical faith in the Idea.” He is determined to enforce his will also in the Army.




Hitler arrives at Werwolf – Eastern Front HQ

16th July 1942: Hitler arrives at Wehrwolf – Eastern Front HQ

Hitler gave an approving nod and asked, ‘Who built the camp?’ Thomas answered, ‘Mostly Russians prisoners from the camps.’ Hitler‘s face darkened. He told Thomas, ‘They must all be shot. There is not a moment to lose. They know too much about my HQ.’ Thomas clicked his heels and answered, ‘At your command, my Fuhrer’ He turned on his heels and went.




Hitler seizes even greater powers

28th April 1942: Hitler seizes even greater powers for himself

The concentration of hate has this time turned into utter madness. Not England or the USA or Russia – only in everything nothing but the Jew. Pay attention to the hide-and-seek and open threat. 11:59, but shall we live to see the end of the day?




Hitler remembers German war dead

15th March 1942: Hitler remembers German war dead

It was becoming vitally important for him again to influence opinion with his speeches. in this discourse he described the fierceness of the Russian winter and the enormous difiiculties which our soldiers had had to overcome. But he praised the German fighting men, who, despite the violence of the enemy and the severe weather, had helped to keep the front solid.




Hitler repeats his threat to kill the Jews

30th January 1942: Hitler repeats his threat to kill all the Jews of Europe in major public speech

He repeated this announcement of his intentions on 30th January 1942, in a speech I also know of: The war would not end, as the Jews imagined, by the extinction of European-Aryan peoples, but it would result in the annihilation of the Jews. This repetition of his words of 30th January 1939 was not unique. He would often remind his entourage of the importance of this dictum.




Hitler declares war on the USA

Today I am at the head of the strongest Army in the world, the most gigantic Air Force and of a proud Navy. Behind and around me stands the Party with which I became great and which has become great through me. The enemies I see before me are the same enemies as 20 years ago, but the path along which I look forward cannot be compared with that on which I look back.




Hitler rants and raves over progress in Russia

The Fuehrer is in a state of extreme agitation over the situation. … The interview appears to have been more than disagreeable, with the Fuehrer doing all the talking, pouring out reproaches and abuse, and shouting orders as fast as they came into his head. Regrettably, ObdH yielded to the Fuehrer’s insistence and has issued the order not to fall back to the aforementioned line in one move.




Hitler boasts about Russian losses

And, if I now assume that in Russia, as here with us, there are three to four wounded for every fatal casualty, then the result is an absolute loss of at least eight to ten million, without considering those only slightly wounded, who might be cured and put back into action. My party comrades, no army in the world can recover from this, not even the Russian.




The ‘Final Solution’ approaches

If the International Jewish Financiers again succeed in plunging the nations into a world war, the result will not be Jewish victory but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.
This was from a speech made by Hitler in January 1939 in which he made his most explicit public statement threatening the Jewish population in Europe.