Denmark defies Nazi Martial Law

German troops on the streets of Denmark, 29th August 1943.

Every strike is prohibited. Invitation to strike at the expense of the German Wehrmacht promotes the enemy and will be punished usually by death. Violation of the above rules will be punished by the German state courts. Against any violence, the gathering of crowds etc. ruthless use will be made ​​use of weapons …




A miraculous release from the Gestapo in Warsaw

Polish farmers killed by German forces in German-occupied Poland, 1943.

Three pretty girls, their heads erect, were sitting by me in the van. Their quiet dignity caught my attention. I started to share my joy with them, but they told me that they were to be executed. The Germans had found out that they belonged to the Underground Army. They were Krystyna (16), Barbara (17) and Irena (20). They told me about their fate so simply and openly that I did not know how to reply.




French resistance leader Jean Moulin captured

National Hero and Leader  of the French Resistance, Jean Moulin.

Jean Moulin restated the aims of Free France: “to prosecute the war; to restore freedom of expression to the French people; to re-establish republican freedoms in a state which incorporates social justice and which possesses a sense of greatness; to work with the Allies on establishing real international collaboration, both economic and social, in a world in which France has regained her prestige.”




Germans step up persecution of Polish civilians

'Let's do agricultural work in Germany. Report immediately to your Vogt'. A German propaganda poster aimed at the Polish population - very few went voluntarily to Germany.

People here are in a panic. They move from place to place, sleep completely clothed, and wait for the gendannes to come. In Szczebrzeszyn the only topic of discussion is future evacuation. A new announcement was posted in town regarding the sabotage of railroads, The railroad lines were divided into sectors. Each sector was given to a nearby village for security. If any sabotage takes place, the villages in charge of guarding that sector will be punished. In other words, several hostages will be executed.