The Germans enter Paris

This famous photograph from the United States National Archives is dated 14th June 1940 and often used to illustrate the fall of Paris - he is apparently watching the German troops march into Paris.

There is much discussion about this photograph. It is a still from a movie camera film. A clip showing this scene was used in the 1943 Frank Capra propaganda film Divide and Conquer and purported to be about the fall of Paris, although that film used material from many different sources. Some believe this scene to have been taken later in 1940 when Free French troops left Toulon for French colonies in Africa. It is argued that the woman next to the man is clapping, which would be consistent with support for those that the crowd is viewing, rather than welcoming the invaders. Others attribute it to when French troops left Marseille in 1941. Others maintain the film was taken on 14th June in Paris.

Remarkably, given the huge publicity that the image has received, no-one appears to have identified the man or those around him.

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