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‘Jewish Star’ introduced

From 19th September Jews in Germany and occupied countries were required to wear the Star of David in public.
From 19th September Jews in Germany and occupied countries were required to wear the Star of David in public.

For Jews living in Germany the Nazi racial laws had produced much hardship. Only a minority of Jews had been sent to concentration camps so far. But the overt violence that was so common in Poland and the ‘East’ was not a feature of daily life. State officials continued to deal with Jews in accordance with the law, even if that meant imposing many petty regulations.

The law now changed again. On the 1st September it was announced that all Jews would have to wear the a badge of the Star of David when in public. The process of gradual stigmatisation of German Jews, citizens who had been mostly fully integrated into German society until the Nazi regime, many of whom hardly recognised themselves as Jews, continued:

In Dresden, in eastern Germany, Victor Klemperer, observed the personal impact of the new measure. As a Jew he had been forced out his post as a professor of literature in 1935. His position was slightly eased by being married to Eva, an ‘Aryan’, who nevertheless had to share in the many privations imposed on him, including being forced to move to a much smaller flat.

15th September [Dresden]

The Jewish armband, come true, as Star of David, comes into force on the nineteenth. At the same time a prohibition on leaving the environs of the city. Frau Kreidl Sr. was in tears. Frau Voss had palpitations. Friedheim said this was the worst blow so far, worse than the property assessment.

I myself feel shattered, cannot compose myself. Eva, now firmly on her feet, wants to take over all the errands from me, I only want to leave the house for a few minutes when it’s dark. (And if there is snow and ice?)

Perhaps by then the public will have become indifferent, or che so io ?

The newspaper justification: after the army had got to know; through Bolshevism, the cruelty etc, of the jew; all possibility of camouflage must be removed from the Jews here, to spare the comrades of the people all contact with them.

— The true reason: fear of Jewish criticism because things look bad in the East or at least are at a standstill. And: rule of the terror people, of Himmler, because things look bad in the East.

Wild rumours: Goering is a prisoner after an argument with Hitler. — Hitler has been shot in the stomach by a general. He had reviled the general, he had lain raving on the carpet and ‘chewed the tassels’.

See Victor Klemperer: I Will Bear Witness 1933-1941: A Diary of the Nazi Years

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