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German cruiser at Brest bombed

The German cruiser Admiral Hipper was in dry dock at the French port of Brest for engine repairs. From the 16th January reconnaissance flight to evaluate the earlier raids.

Determined efforts have been made during the week to inflict further damage on the ” Hipper ” class cruiser lying in dry dock at Brest. On five nights a total of 85 aircraft were despatched with this target as their principal objective, and, over this period, four direct hits on the cruiser are reported. In addition, considerable damage was done to warehouses and buildings in the dock area and widespread fires were observed.

From the Air Situation report for the week see TNA 66/14/33

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  1. My birthday is the 16th of January, and my family had a house in Brest destroyed in 1944 by Allied air raids. Thanks for sharing this amazing photography.

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