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Donitz greets the crew of U-37

19th April 1940: Donitz greets the crew of U-37
Admiral Donitz greets the crew of U-37 on their return to Wilhelmshaven, 1st Officer Clausen is most probably the officer being presented to him.

U-37 had patrolled for 20 days and had sunk three ships, one Swedish, one Norwegian and one British. The commander, Werner Hartmann was soon to receive the Knights Cross (on the 9th May). This was his last patrol before he became a training commander and later a Flotilla commander. He would undertake only one further war patrol and would survive the war. For more on U-37 see uboat.net

The First Officer Nicolai Clausen was awarded the U-Boat War Badge, usually granted after two war patrols, on 18th April 1940. He would later return to become the commander of U-37 in 1941. He died in 1942 as commander of U-182, sunk by depth charges while returning from a long patrol to the Indian Ocean.

A later picture of Clausen after winning the Knights Cross