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Hitler meets Franco at Hendaye

Hitler meets Franco
Adolf Hitler met the Spanish leader Francisco Franco for 12 hours of talks at the railway station of Hendaye.

The Spanish dictator Francisco Franco owed much to Adolf Hitler, German forces had been of particular value to him during the Spanish civil war. Yet he was in no rush to automatically line up with another Fascist dictator. Whether he demanded too much from Hitler, wanted to play a waiting game to see which way the war turned, or really wished to avoid involvement in the war – given the shattered state of Spain following the civil war, is subject to much debate.

He was a difficult man to pin down. Famously Hitler is alleged to have said that he would “rather have three or four teeth pulled” than go through another meeting with him. During the early part of the war Spain offered some practical support to Germany but as the tide turned Franco shifted his allegiances.

 Heinrich Himmler with Franco
Heinrich Himmler was also conducting talks with the Spanish and it is alleged that lists of Spanish Jews were handed over to the Germans.

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  1. Honor to the memory of our fallen soldiers interred in Europe’s gravesites & cemetaries

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