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Hull bombed yet again

The bomb crater left after a parachute mine had devastated a housing estate in Hull

Hull, which had been attacked on the 18th March, suffered another major raid on the 31st March:

One of the persons killed was the Deputy Medical Officer of the city Dr David Diamond, he had just finished a successful campaign asking for blood donors, which resulted in many wanting to do so, for the benefit of people injured in air raids. Dr Diamond was in the basement of an ARP post, talking to a councillor and a Dr Wheatley, who had just arrived in Hull to take over as Casualty Officer, when it was demolished by a direct hit. When the bomb exploded Dr Diamond took the full blast and was killed instantly, two soldiers in an adjacent car park and PC Robert Garton who was on duty at the door of the ARP post were killed and no trace of the policeman was ever found.

From the Hull Times April 6th April 1941

The North East Diary [ ] used to have full details of the raid.

It may be possible to access the original from the Internet Archive –


20.45-22.53.. Hull.. By the light of seventy-four parachute flares, forty-seven enemy bombers attacked Hull. They dropped thirty-nine tonnes of HE (forty-three bombs) and 22,688 IBs. The concentration point lay between the City Docks and Alexandra Dock, however damage at the docks was only slight. Police premises and the Infirmary were hit. One large fire was started in the north east of the town besides numerous large and small fires in the docks area. A number of public buildings were destroyed or damaged. HE and PMs fell in almost every section of the city, water mains broken, roads blocked by falling buildings and main streets strewn with glass. 500 houses were made uninhabitable, while another 2,000 were damaged. Several industrial undertakings were also put out of action. Many casualties were reported, forty-four of them fatal and seventy-two seriously injured, many of the fatalities occurred in Alexandra Road, the Ferensway shelter and Freehold Street. East Hull fire station was damaged.

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  1. The photo above is annotated with an incorrect date. This parachute mine fell in the early hours of 18th July, 1941. 6 people were killed, including the three in our house, just off photo to the left. The crater is roughly where our garages and ten-foot are now.

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