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Holiday plane shot down off Isles of Scilly

The de Havilland Dragon aircraft shot down off St Mary's, Isles of Scilly on 3rd June, pictured before the war when it was operated by Aer Lingus.

Incredibly there were still some civilian aircraft flights over Britain even as the Luftwaffe continued to mount daytime raids around the country. The de Havilland Dragon aircraft had just taken off from St Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly for the short 25 mile hop back to the mainland at Penzance when it was intercepted by a Heinkel III, apparently returning from a raid on the north of England. The forward guns easily dealt with the unarmed Dragon aircraft, which crashed into the sea with no survivors.

Capt William Donald Anderson DFC killed.
Pax: Mrs Sheelagh Marguerita Leggitt – Secretary to Sir Walter Monckton, Director-General of Ministry of Information. Who had been on holiday at Penzance, killed.
Mr John Leggitt – Husband, Secetary of Anglo-Egyptian Chamber of Commerce in London, killed.
Jeannie Leggitt 11 killed.
Romalita Leggitt 9 killed.
Mrs. Georgina Edith Lucy Griffith killed.

See aviation-safety.net.

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