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Blitz on Britain continues

Hundreds of people were still being killed and injured every week in air raids up and down Britain. Thousands more were made homeless.

The Blitz is sometimes shown as ending with the last big raid on London on the 10th May but there were still many other areas being hit, even if the intensity of the raids had diminished.

By Day.
Enemy bombing has again been on a small scale. Bombs were dropped by single aircraft at Peterhead, Portland, Fraserburgh, Wick, Cowes and in open country near Middlesbrough.

By Night.
Enemy bombing has not been on a heavy scale, although it shows a considerable increase on the previous week. Raids were made on Merseyside on the nights of the 30th/31st May and the 31st May/1st June. A sharp raid was made on Manchester and Salford on the night of the 1st/2nd June. A few bombs were dropped at Hull and Tweedmouth on the night of the 2nd/3rd June.

On the night of the 4th/ 5th June an attack was made over a wide area in the Midlands, but most of the bombs fell ineffectively outside Birmingham; a few bombs also fell in the Medway area. On other nights of the week only a few minor incidents were reported.

Casualties for the week ending 0600 hours, 4th June, are estimated at 178 killed and 185 seriously injured. 70 people were killed and 86 seriously injured at Manchester and Salford during the night of the 1st/2nd June.

From the Home Security Situation Report for the week see TNA CAB 66/16/48

2 thoughts on “Blitz on Britain continues”

  1. Puts a little perspective on what London had to face just last night from Islamic cowards.
    So very much greater threat from the Nazi war machine we overcame then, so we can surely overcome our new much smaller threat to our way of life now….

  2. HI
    Im doing research about the dundee cinema owner j b milne who owned cinemas from lerwick and stornoway down the east coast of scotland to the borders
    in 1939 milne had a cinema built in marichial street called the regal which opened in early 1939 and during the war during a bombing raid a bomb landed in the street without exploding and richocheted up the cinema steps and landed in the foyer
    the couple who ran the cafe next door the man was an air raid warden and on hearing the noise dressed quickly but used back stairs into the cinema to exit onto the street and kicked what he thought was a film can as films were left for collection in the foyer and the replacement fim left in its place but he then realised it wasnt a film can but was in fact a bomb
    unfortunately i dont have a year date or month for this incident and was wondering if anyone can remember when it happened so that i can research this further
    even a year or a rough year as to when it happened would help as trying to find this incident if it was reported in the paper is nearly impossible without a year at least
    if anyone can help please email me
    many thanks in advance

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